Chairman’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Chairman’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee is to serve as an ambassador for Rancho Damacitas by receiving feedback from the neighborhood s , sharing information with neighbors on Rancho Damacitas services, sharing information and feedback with staff and Board of Directors , and serving as an advocate for the at-risk and challenged youth we serve.

Member Requirements

Committee members must meet the minimum criteria to be considered:

• Live within 5 miles of the Empowerment Village campus or one of the Project Independence properties;

• Available to participate in scheduled quarterly meetings;

• Complete the application and interview process .

Committee Members agree to the following:

• Commit to the Give or Get Policy of $ 1,0 00 /year supporting the programs;

• Complete training on how to be a committee member;

• Be an ambassador for Rancho Damacitas to help build a positive community and garner community support.

Application & Selection Process

The Chairman’s Committee is an ad-hoc committee at the discretion of the Board Chair. A selection committee will be appointed by the Board Chair and consist of three to five Board Members and staff. The application and selection process will take no more than 8 weeks.

The process is as follows:

1. Committee Application posted on website

2. Application closed on set deadline

3. Applications reviewed for candidates meet ing minimum criteria requirements

4. Interviews scheduled with selection committee members

5. Interviews held

6. Selection committee proposes decision to Board Chair

7. Board Chair approves

8. Candidates notified of decision


Submit the Advisory Committee Application:

1. Download and complete the attached Advisory Committee Application

2. Complete the Advisory Committee Application and mail or email to:

  • Scan/Email the completed application to Kristi
  • Mail the completed application to Rancho Damacitas, PO Box 890326, Temecula, CA 92589