Childcare Worker/Youth Mentor

Rancho Damacitas is a state-licensed therapeutic treatment program for children that have suffered from the trauma of abuse and neglect.  The Childcare Worker/Youth Mentor assists in any of our 6 group homes by providing leadership and crisis support to children who are struggling with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

As a Childcare Worker/Youth Mentor you will learn to provide nurture and understanding unique to the children’s emotional and developmental needs, participate in assigned group outings and activities, help with meal preparation, provide sole-supervision of clients as assigned, assist with homework and school projects, as well as pro-actively help the children deal with the affects of the abuse they’ve suffered.  As such you will participate in the implementation of therapeutic treatment strategies designed to bring healing and wholeness to their lives.  You will be trained to provide the appropriate role modeling, leadership, structure, and nurture the children will require to flourish and succeed in our program.

You do not need to have prior college education or work experience in this field as we will provide you the training to help you succeed in this vital service to special needs children.  However, the following are the mandatory minimum job qualifications you must meet in order to be considered for a position:

  1. You will need to successfully pass a fingerprinted criminal history background check within 7 calendar days of submitting your fingerprints.  If we cannot secure your criminal clearance in that time frame, the offer of employment will be rescinded.

  2. You will need to successfully pass a post-offer drug screen, physical exam, and T.B. test.

  3. It is essential that you have held a valid state driving license for at least two (2) years and that you be at least 18 years old.  If you possess an out of state driver’s license, you must be willing to obtain a California license in order to be hired.

  4. In the past three (3) years, you may have had no more than:

a. Three (3) minor moving violations (personal and/or business)

b. Two (2) at-fault accidents (however, if the accidents were not your fault, you  may provide  proof of no-fault status to rescind such accidents from being included in evaluating your driving history qualification

c. Four (4) of the following non-moving violations:

        • Failure to appear (FTA)
        • License not in possession,
        • Reckless Driving
        • Driving under the influence (DUI)
        • Exhibition of speed or speed contest
        • Vehicular manslaughter
        • Leaving the scene of an accident
        • Hit and run
        • Driving while license was suspended or revoked and/or having an invalid license.
        • Speeding in excess of 100mph.

Similar to a camp counselor arrangement, this position will require that you spend possibly 2 – 3 evenings in a row every other week sleeping over-night at the home where you work with the children.

The pay and benefits package for this position is as follows:

The starting pay will be $11.00 per hour for a position that will provide  40 hours per week of full time employment.  Additionally, this position will also provide the following paid benefits:  Medical/Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave benefits, Paid major Holidays, 401K Plan.

Filling the role of Childcare Worker/Youth Mentor can be a tremendously fulfilling opportunity for the right individual who desires to make a life-long impact in the heart of a special child.

We are looking for individuals who are eager to learn, who are humble and teachable, and who have an intrinsic motivation to grow as part of our team in making a difference in the lives of the precious kids we serve.

Click the following link to see a sample of a monthly work calendar: NOTE-calendar is subject to change, this is a sample calendar only.

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