Residential Campus

Rancho Damacitas’ programs for foster youth consists of a Residential Campus and six comprehensive, evidence-based programs wrapping around every individual child to help them heal, grow and thrive. Rancho Damacitas Residential Campus programs include:

Residential Campus – Family Style Living
The Residential Campus consists of six cottages houses 36 children and teens ages 6 – 18 years old. Each home houses six foster youth (either all boys or all girls) and is run through the loving care of a pair of Home Parents. Each home is unique with its own traditions and culture, just like a family, and incorporates the child’s culture and traditions as well – just like a family.

Every child receives trauma-focused individual and group therapy to help them heal emotionally, develop resiliency, and help them move beyond their painful pasts into self-sufficient, thriving adults. Youth receive a personal therapist and opportunities to participate in programs such as equine therapy, anger management, or substance abuse awareness.

PEAKS Program
PEAKS (Providing Every Child with Alternatives to Keep them Safe, Secure and Successful). Rancho Damacitas’ behavioral program used throughout campus that focuses on teaching youth skills to define positive alternatives to negative and self-defeating behavioral patterns.

Educational Program
As many foster and challenged youth are severely behind in their education, the Education Program provides one-on-one tutoring and advocacy to help foster youth accomplish their educational goals.

SOAR (Success, Opportunity, Achievement, Results)
The SOAR Program provides youth opportunities to explore careers, set goals, develop leadership skills, and develop life skills essential for independent adulthood such as money management.

Kids Living Healthy
The Kids Living Healthy Program teaches youth how to build healthy lifestyle habits through physical fitness and healthy eating.

Children’s Enrichment
Rancho Damacitas raises additional funds to provide foster youth opportunities that help “normalize” their life while living in foster care. Opportunities such as participation in extra-curricular activities, celebrating their birthday or Christmas, attending prom, or participation in other childhood milestones events are a few examples.

Emancipated Services
Rancho Damacitas has two programs specifically targeting former foster youth over 18 years old. Project Independence provides supportive housing, financial literacy, career and long-term planning, and coaching to help young adults get on their feet and build a future that includes education, career and community success. Rancho Damacitas also offers educational support scholarships to Riverside County former foster youth pursuing trade, community college, or university. To apply for the Emancipated Services Programs, or for more information, please click HERE.