Rancho Damacitas understands that the transition for a child from treatment care back into a family setting can be stressful for both the child as well as the family. The first weeks of transition back into a family setting are, perhaps, the most vulnerable time for treatment setbacks. Rancho Damacitas provides “bridging services” to help heal this vulnerable time for children and their families. The goal for offering these “bridging services” is to relationally support the family transition in being successful. So Rancho Damacitas “remains at the table” with the family even after the child leaves our care, by offering extra after-care services for 5-8 weeks following discharge. These services include individual and family therapy, as well as consultation calls with our agency therapists when the family encounters possible behavioral challenges with the child. From the moment of initial intake, Rancho Damacitas seeks to relationally invest in children and their families. When the child and family leave treatment, we want them to continue to grow and thrive. Thus, our after-care services are simply a natural outgrowth of our relational investment.