Empowerment Village

The Empowerment Village is a place where single moms experiencing material poverty and life challenges are offered opportunities and support in community to discover and set meaningful goals, recognize pathways, and experience their own agency in realizing their dreams. 

We offer a rent-reduced, shared-living stay on our campus to up to 14 moms and their children at a time. Families live three to a house with a combination of private and shared space.

During their two-year stay, women are equipped with resources, mentoring, accountability, education, and community connections designed to empower them and their children to sustainably thrive. The four areas of emphasis for classes, workshops, and 1-1 advocacy are financial/career advancement, parenting, holistic wellness, and leadership development.

Village residents commit and are held accountable to living agreements that ensure the safety and enable the thriving growth of all, including moms, kids, staff, and volunteers. These include responsible and supportive co-living, active participation in weekly classes, progress and follow-through toward set goals, clear and honest communication with the advocacy team, and a commitment to physical and emotional safety. 


For more information or to apply for our program please call 951-444-1404 or email us at info@cmoh.net