Empowerment Village

Purpose: Helping struggling single mothers with young children to obtain stability through employment and attaining an education keeping children out of the foster care system and families intact.

Why: Sadly, girls in foster care are twice as likely to end up pregnant by the time they are 19 compared to their peers within the general population. By the time they are 22, less than 50% have completed high school. Additionally, less than 2% of young moms have a college education by the time they are 30.

The outcomes for young, unsupported single moms are startling, but the ripple effects on their children are even more concerning.

THE RESULT for Children of Young, Single Moms:

  • More health problems due to lack of prenatal and health care
  • More likely end up in foster care due to child abuse and neglect
  • Lower school achievement due to low levels of emotional support and cognitive stimulation growing up
  • Boys more likely be incarcerated
  • Girls more likely to become a young, single parent themselves

Program Overview:

Single mom families will receive safety, stability, and mentorship to help them develop skills necessary for self-sufficiency and independence while keeping their family intact and out of the welfare system.

Mothers are expected to:

  • Be 18 or older, former foster youth and/or low-income, and complete the application process
  • Find and maintain employment with financial contributions monthly towards rent
  • Complete their high school-level education and if interested, pursue a career
  • Complete financial management, parenting classes, and employment readiness classes
  • Abide by the no drugs, no alcohol, no overnight guests policy, and abide by the Code of Conduct

Program offers Mothers A Hand-Up, not a hand-out:

  • Stable, safe housing and support to get on your feet
  • Empowerment coaches to help guide moms in maneuvering life’s challenges as a single mother
  • Resources to Individual and Family Therapy
  • Workshops and skill development courses on managing personal finances, parenting, life skills, and healthy living
  • The opportunity to build Faith, Family and Friends



The program is currently full. New applications are not being considered at this time.

 For more information please contact info@4kidsfirst.org