Office support Team

We’re in need of volunteers to help in our front office, often the first touch point with moms who need resources and answers. This can include answering phones and emails, organizational projects, and light cleaning. Volunteers should be comfortable with computers and phones and will be trained thoroughly. Sign up to get started!

Tiny Tots Team

Our moms gather regularly for important classes and workshops designed to equip them to thrive in our areas of empowerment focus, and their children also come together during those times for play, connection and learning. If you love to play with kids, we’re in need of both weekly and occasional volunteers to serve on our Tiny Tots Team. All volunteers on this team will be Live Scanned and have references checked before serving. Sign up to get started!

Village Dinner Team

A critical component of establishing community for families during our regular classes and workshops is sharing dinner and connection around a common table. We are looking for groups and individuals to provide nutritious dinners, either monthly or just occasionally, for moms and kids for this shared meal. Meals can be homemade or from a restaurant – we are truly grateful for the contribution! Fill out the form and we’ll contact you to find the evening that works best for you.

Grounds Beautification Team

Do you have a green thumb? Do you love beautifying your yard and bringing the best out of your garden? If so, we need your outdoor help on our campus! Our moms and kids will be blessed by your efforts to make their village a true respite and sanctuary to come home to. We need both regular volunteers for small garden maintenance and occasional volunteers for larger projects on our 12-acre campus. Sign up to find out more!

Community Networking Team

An important part of moms leaving the Empowerment Village ready and equipped to be successful in the next season of their lives are the relationships with community partners that they will carry with them. We know that opportunities and resources are often linked to the relationships we have, and with that in mind we are looking for volunteers who can help resource and network moms with partners in the valley who will come alongside their continued development. Are you a property manager? Real estate agent? Small business owner? Recruiter? Educator? Lawyer? Accountant? Auto mechanic? The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of professional networking that moms need, both while they reside at Empowerment Village and after they leave. Fill out the form and we’ll discover together what role you can play in changing lives!